Bob Lawrence – Judan (Eagle/Yellow)

Professor Lawrence 13th Aug 1939-15th Jan 2003

The Founder of the British Fudoshin Association

Mr Churchlow, a P.T.I at school, got me interested in gymnastics and Greco-Roman wrestling at an early age as I seemed to have a natural ability.  I joined the B.G.A at their Shoebury club and passed the second star qualifications in gymnastics.  There were no wrestling clubs around so I joined the Southend Boxing Club as a member of the A.B.A. A broken nose ended my boxing career after a modicum of success in Amateur Boxing.   I was now at college so I joined the college Judo club, and later the East Essex Judo club and trained three nights a week.  All gradings were carried out by Sensei G. Koizumi at the Budokwai London.  All my time and money went to training under this great man.  During this happy time I obtained a Black belt and got into the British Judo Team and met and trained with many legends of Judo T Leggett, E Dominy, P Butler, T Wyngarde, J King.  I was selected for Jujitsu training by Sensei and trained under Masters K Abbe, T Abbe and M Otani. I was now a Black belt in Jujitsu.  My Father had recently returned from the war, where he had been a Scottish Commando, and educated me in the combat techniques he had learned in the army, incidentally he had been a handy boxer in his time and I learned much from his teachings

Sensei gave me a letter of introduction to the Kodokan and to Sensei G.Yamaguchi, the great Karate Master who he knew, and I was off to Japan.  Whilst in Japan, I obtained my Black belt in Karate, trained under Mr Nakayama and Mr Oyama and Judo and Jujitsu at the Kodokan in Tokyo.  I started my studies in weaponry with the Katana, Wakizashi, Tanto and Naginata.  I then travelled to Okinawa to further my Karate studies and to learn the use of Nunchuku, Jo, Bo, Yawara-bo, Tanjo, Tonfa, Sai and Kama.  I then travelled to Korea where I studied under Sergeant G Lom of the South Korean Army.  Then I made a brief stop in China where I first saw Kung Fu performed by Chinese Priests (very impressive).
My first port of call in Europe was Paris where I studied improvised weapons under Mr J Dempsie. During my time in Europe I entered in many Martial Arts Tournaments.  Home to England where I got a job as a doorman in the Mecca Ballroom, and also for a short time taught un-armed combat to the Glouscestshire Police Force.  I took up bare knuckle fighting (scratch fighting) solely for the purpose of making money.

I then went of to a summer camp in New York and got a job teaching Judo, and then a job with the NY Police teaching un-armed combat.  Finally home to England where I joined the British Jujitsu Association under Prof. J. Blundell who awarded me my Professorship in Martial Arts.  I later joined the Kyushindo Association under Prof. G Mayo DO,ND, who taught me osteopathy.

Since then, my time has been taken up with opening clubs, running the Association and teaching/organising seminars and tournaments.  This has been very rewarding as it has brought me into contact with some very special people, like the blind girl I taught who went on to gain her Duke of Edinborough Award certificate for endeavour, and remarkable instructors of Martial Arts such as Ian McGarrity, Karen Blake, Jim McAllister and many more who have been my students.