Gary Morris – Godan (Orange)

I commenced martial arts training in 1978 joining the Oxford University shotokan karate class. After moving to London in 1982 I attended a variety  of different classes training in shotokan, kyokushinkai and wado ryu styles. The move to Huddersfield, West Yorkshire in 1991 brought me to sensei Nisar Smiler’s Wado Ryu karate class where a few years later I was awarded my first Dan. In 1998 I commenced training in Manchester under senseis Dave and David Macintyre learning both karate and kobudo. I have since been graded up to 4th Dan Shukokai karate and have gained Dan grades in iaido, sai and nunchaku. I currently run my own Wado Ryu / Shukokai karate class (Sonkei Karate) with a particular emphasis upon the traditional Japanese values of respect and self discipline. My future plans are to work towards my karate 5th Dan grading and to become a full weapons master, after which I plan to commence teaching kobudo in West Yorkshire. I remain very passionate about the martial arts and intend to continue to develop myself both as a practitioner and teacher. I have realised through my years of training that perfection is unattainable and that there are always new things to learn. For me the essential gain is in the striving to better myself and what I learn from this process, a philosophy I try to promote in those I am teaching.