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Association History

The Association Of Oriental Fighting Arts (AOFA) was formed by Professor R Lawrence in 1968 after gaining extensive experience and knowledge in a number of martial arts systems from around the world.

The AOFA was one of the first organisations to encompass more than one fighting art under one organisation.  The aim is to give all members the opportunity to gain an all round knowledge of all methods of combat.

In 1978 the AOFA was redeveloped to become the British Fudoshin Association (BFA).

From February 2003 Shihan Jim McAlister became the association controller as appointed in Soke Lawrence’s letter.

During summer 2006, association members Jim McAllister, Tony Ball, Kevin King, Garry Poole and Graeme Dunning agreed to create a new umbrella organisation which would encompass the BFA, AOFA and McAllister’s Academy of Martial Arts.  The new organisation – World Fudoshin Association (WFA) – was intended to assist the Fudoshin teachings of Professor Lawrence to grow as well as provide opportunities for extra club affiliations.

Association Recognition

The BFA is recognised by the Amateur Martial Arts Association and the British National Martial Arts Association.

The system is also affiliated to:

  • Association of Australian Fudoshin Arts
  • McAllister Kick Boxing
  • Amateur Martial Arts Association
  • British National Martial Arts Association