Fudoshin Bokken san

Note: This Kata is demonstrated with one attacker and one defender with full ceremony.

Defender stands on the left.

On the return guard at all time you should both move simultaneously.

Announce Kata

Kata Fudoshin Bokken San

1.      Bow

2.      Turn out wait three seconds

3.      Three steps and turn in wait 3 seconds

4.      Two steps and wait 3 seconds

5.      Bow

6.      Kneel and Bow

7.      Attacker                                                    Defender

Knee spring and Shomen                   Forward roll to the left and turns to face attacker


8.      Attack                                                        Defender

About turns and Shomen                    Forward roll passed attacker – knee spring to face attacker


9.      Attack                                                        Defender

Turns to Horizontal neck cut               Ducks


10.  Attack                                                        Defender

Cross Leg Cut                                     Jumps


11.  Attack                                                        Defender

High Thrust                                         Backward Roll – knee spring


12.  Attacker                                                                Defender

Backward roll  – then in with Shomen             Catch arm and Body Wheel


13.  Attacker

Backward rolls to feet and Shomen               Defender

Palm Blade catch Taisabaki and takes blade

As attacker comes up on to Knees – Shomen


14.  Attacker                                                                Chiburii standing then drop to one knee to return blade

Knee Walks to start                                         Back ward roll to knees


15.  Attacker rolls to get bck to the correct side          Knee walks

16.  Kneeling Bow

17.  Stand and Bow

18.  About turn and wait 3 seconds

19.  Two steps and turn wait 3 seconds

20.  Three steps and turn in wait 3 seconds

21.  Turn inward wait three seconds walk to face each other

22.  Turn and Bow