Congratulations to new Black Belts!




Shihan King praised Jodie Marshall, 13, Josh Clark, 12, Matthew Maton, 13, and Ken Lightfoot for the high standards they have achieved over a period of continuous assessment.





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Christmas games tournament report

Report from the Dorset Evening Echo can be found here.

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Dorchester Ju-Jitsu Students’ Haul of Trophies

Students from Dorchester’s Fudoshin Ju-Jitsu Club brought back four trophies from the recent Dragon Tang Soo Do Open Championship held at Thornbury, Bristol.







Jodie Marshall got the team off to a winning start. She took first place in her weapons division, impressing the judges with her power during her Jo staff pattern.

Josh Clark also did well in his weapons division, taking second place with his nunchaku routine, following it up with a further second place in the unarmed patterns competition.

In the sparring, Josh worked his way through the preliminary rounds before facing Tae West from the Martial Arts Network, in the final. This was not the first time these two fighters had met, as each trains regularly at Mr Bale’s Martial Arts Academy, in Trinity Street, Dorchester on Saturday mornings.

Unsurprisingly, despite their different fighting arts, this proved a close fought match. During extra time, under the next point wins rule, Tae clinched first place, leaving Josh to pick up his third second place trophy of the tournament.

Despite failing to win a trophy, Max Wright earned the respect of the judges for his sportsmanship, even going so far as to lend his feet protectors to a fellow competitor in his sparring division, who didn’t have the correct equipment.

Instructor, Sensei Nick Maton said, “I’m really proud of all of them. This was their first competition and they’ve been training hard for the last six months. In all, there were over 200 competitors from over a dozen different martial arts clubs, including students of all the main styles. The standard was very high and they all did fantastically well.”


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2012 Annual Christmas games tournament announced

Fudoshin Dorchester will be holding its non-stop action, annual games tournament open to all students between the ages of 5 to 15 years. Just like a Christmas party with loads of martial arts based fun games for all!

Full details and an entry form can be found here.

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Pentathlon results

Fudoshin Ju-Jitsu recently held their first inter club competition at Dorchester Judo Club. Junior students from local clubs competed against each other in five seperate categories, sparring, throwing, ground fighting, an empty hand display and a weapons demonstration.


The competitors were divided into three divisions, the under 8 years, 8 years and over (junior belts) and 8 years and over (senior belts). Medals were awarded for first and second place in each division and first and second place trophies were awarded for the two students who gained the most points overall in the tournament.

Sparring for the under 8’s and the junior belts was no contact, with points awarded on a close enough is good enough basis. The higher grades wore protective helmets, gloves and footwear and fought full contact.

In the under 8’s both Matthew Mew and Josh McCourtie won all three of their bouts, earning themselves a maximum six points. In the junior belt division, only James Chambler gained the maximum six points, whilst Matthew Maton defeated all his three opponents to dominate the senior belt division.

In the senior belt throwing competition, only Charlotte Kibbey won all three of her fights, with two Ippons (full points) and a Wazari (half point). Jack Richards in the junior belt division, proved himself to be a skilled judoka, winning all three of his bouts with an Ippon.

In the under 8 divison, the throwing and ground contest categories were combined into a Sumo tournament. Each competitor having to push, pull or wrestle their opponent out of the circle to win.

In the senior grades weapons display, each competitor chose a different weapon. Max Wright chose the Sai, Charlotte Kibbey the Nunchaku, Matthew McCourtie the Jo, Josh McCourtie the Wakizashi and Matthew Maton the Bokken. In a close fought competiton, it was Matthew Maton, who impressed the judges most.

In the empty hand category, the senior grades performed Karate patterns to a very high standard, the under 8’s and junior grades put together their own breakfall and striking routines and put on a very energetic display.

The overall winner was Matthew Maton, with James Chambler a very close second.

At the prize giving, Shihan Kevin King also awarded Yellow Belt (6th Mon gradings) to Sam Webb and Amelia Burnham before announcing that after a protracted period of assessment he was promoting both Sensei Nick Maton and Sensei Fred Burnham to the rank of Nidan (2nd dan).

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Pentathlon competition announced

Full details can be found here.

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Kenjutsu seminar announced

Full details can be found here.

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Triple contesting seminar announced

Full details can be found here.

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Fred Burnham Black Belt grading

Congratulations to Fred on reaching Shodan!

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Games tournament 2011 details

Full details can be found here and online registration can be completed here.

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