Gyaku Nijin (Reverse grip)

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Kata Gyaku Nijin Reverse grip

1.      Bow

2.      Reverse grip draw and thrust to the rear

3.      Turn to the right and rising Chuburii on hand

4.      Reverse grip Sheath

5.      About turn by sweeping left leg round in a backward motion

6.      Half Draw Block with reverse grip

7.      Complete the draw into a cross cut across the eyes with one hand

8.      Cut back in the opposite direction cutting throat with one hand

9.      Place back of left hand on the blade and rotate the blade over to over arm thrust

10.  Unwind the blade into reverse thrust to the right of the start position

11.  Turn to the front and rising Chuburii on hand

12.  Reverse grip Sheath

13.  Bow