Hyashi No (Forest walk)

Announce Kata

Kata Hayashi No Kata

1.      Bow

2.      Three steps forward starting on the right

3.      Step back on right leg and draw into  Single Handed Overhead Guard

4.      Step forward on right leg Watermill Cut to the sliding left leg in a reverse sweep as you start the cut

5.      Turn left 90 and repeat

6.      Turn left 90 and repeat

7.      Turn left 90 and repeat then step forward in to Shomen

8.      About turn by pivoting on feet in to Dragon Tail Guard

9.      Step forward on left leg making a right Side Block

10.  Step forward on right leg making a Left Side Block

11.  Drop to left knee making a Single Hand Cross Cut

12.  Stand facing left corner of start position

13.  Chiburrii

14.  Sheath

15.  Cross right leg behind left

16.  About turn 180 to your right drawing at the same time with a Single Handed Cut

17.  Single Handed Thrust

18.  Turn to front

19.  Chiburii

20.  Sheath

21.  Bow